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Mark Robbins

Mark Twain said, "I can live for two months with a good compliment."

Add a compliment to the bonus and it will probably last double either one of them alone.

I agree. I don't understand Seth Godin's quote. Why would getting a bonus demotivate someone?

It's all well and good to provide interesting work challenges but giving recognition in the form of bonuses sure can't hurt.

robert moir

"When they are used as a bridge across red-tape to bring underpaid employees closer to market pay rates. Sometimes it is easier for managers and HR to get authorization for a one time bonus than a large raise"

Ahh. Also known as the "We reward poor math ability" concept.

Getting me a one off bonus instead of a raise that everyone feels I deserve doesn't tell me that my manager will do the right thing for me. It tells me that the company is either evil or clueless, and is not above trying to tempt me with carrots to see if I too am clueless.

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